Ear Candling And Its Many Benefits

When you see the current trend, you can understand that people are opting for non-invasive therapies. One of the therapies which are quite popular these days is the ear candling. Let us know more about it.

• The ear candling technique:

In this process, hollow shaped ear cones are placed into the ear canal and it helps to effectively remove ear wax. Generally, the hollow cones are made from a fabric that comes coated with beeswax. It generally creates a vacuum inside the canal of the ear which steadily helps to pull out unwarranted earwax together with minor impurities present in the ear.

Though it is always suggested to find professionals for experiencing this therapy, but still if you want to try out on your own, you can find the products needed for ear candling. Choosing any candle supplies wholesale supplier, you can get good quality ear candles and other supplies at a surprisingly cost effective rate. This technique is anytime better than ear syringing as it helps to draw out the wax.

A cylindrical candle gets inserted inside the ear and is lit from the other end. The heat which is produced from the candle does effectively help to pull out unwanted wax and debris. However, in the process of syringing water is shot inside the ear. It may end up lodging wax inside the ear canal which stands the chances of causing infection in case the water stays lodges inside the ear.

Benefits of ear candling

There are several benefits of the ear candling technique. A few of them have been mentioned below:

 Relieving one from tinnitus (ear ringing)

 Relieving one from pressure and sinus pain

 Effectively removing excess wax that’s been accumulated in the ear

 Alleviate one from Swimmers’ ear

 Helps one feel relieved from headache

 Saves one from itchy ears which is mostly caused due to mould, yeast or diary allergy

 Helps to unplug ears which generally occur because of illness.

The other potential advantages of this technique are recovering lymphatic fluid flow all across the body. It has also been effective in enhancing color perception, providing one with a more balanced emotional state together with clearer thinking.

It has even been reported that those people, who have gone through this experience, have experienced reducing of pressure together with a much improved sense of taste. The pressure that is present in ears because of any kind of infection or ear build up gets drastically improved. Many people have noticed purification of their blood. While there were others who had experienced a soothing effect as well as relaxation of their mind and overall body after going through the ear candling technique.

The practitioners of ear candling consider that the opening in the head is quite much linked to a maze-like system through which the ear candle creates a vacuum. It further assists in draining the body by osmosis and this is how the individual who has undergone this procedure feels an overall sense of well being.